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Robert Patterson of Augusta County, Virginia and Elizabeth King of the same county married in 1752 and had the following children: William born 21 October 1753, Robert 1755, Catherine abt.1760, Elizabeth, and Ann Patterson. Robert and Elizabeth's son William served in the American Revolution. William served four tours of service, among them the battle at Long Island in the Holston river area in Tennesse and the battle at Kings Mtn. William married Nancy English abt.1777 in the Holston river area and later settled in Anderson County, Tn. Their children were: Robert E.born 1777, Mary, John W. abt.1795, Sally, Jennie, Emillia(millie)1801, Betsy, William (billy) 1779, Matthew 3/11/1796, and English 1801. | Patterson family decendacy | Robert and Elizabeth KIng-William Patterson and Nancy English | Patterson, Daugherty, Hamby, and Armes | Contact Me if you have information on the Patterson, Duncan, Daugherty, Hamby and Armes Family histories.
Welcome to the Patterson web site.

welcome to the Patterson Website.

Decendency of Robert Patterson and Elizabeth King, married 1752. Augusta county, Virginia. Children: William born: 21 October 1753, Robert-1775, Catherine abt.1760, Elizabeth, and Ann Patterson. All born in Augusta County, Virginia. Robert & his family later moved to Hawkins County, Tennessee.

Robert & Elizabeth's son, William served four tours of duty during the American Revolution-among the battles he fought was the Long Island battle in the Holston river area in Tennessee and the battle at Kings Mtn. N.C. later joining General Frances "swamp fox" marion's men near the Santee river S.C. marching towards Charleston and at a place called Monks crossing-at a large house took ninety-six British prisoners.

This is research in progress, so please contact me if you have any information that you feel might help

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The research on the Patterson family included information from the Tennessee State Archives, Washington D.C. Archives, Clinton, Tn. courthouse records, "Duncan Descendants of Frost Bottom Tn." by Marjorie Duncan Byrd, "Coal Mining Towns" by Marshall Mcghee, the Main library branch Cincinnati, Ohio (census records). Anderson and Morgan counties Tennessee, homepages. Many thanks to June k, Doug B, Morgan D. Neal B, and Don D., And the many other people who responded with information to my e-mail queries.

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